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Personal loans and savings for employees in the Transport & Storage Sector

Managing your finances can sometimes seem like a constant task on your to-do list. The unexpected costs of living can make the option of a payday loan seem tempting. But, opting for one of these types of loans can mean more financial trouble later down the line. With payday lenders charging up to 1500% APR, it’s easy to see the drawbacks of these types of loan.

The unexpected challenges can seem more manageable if you have a savings plan already in place. Once you have easily accessible savings or the ability to access affordable loans, you don’t need to worry about life’s unexpected costs. Saving with Transave means you can withdraw your cash the same day or apply for a loan which is processed in under 48 hours. 

Transave provide affordable loans for employees in the Transport & storage sector

Transave offers flexible and affordable loans for employees in the transport and storage sector. Accessible instant loans provide an alternative to more expensive payday style lenders.

You can borrow up to £500, to be paid off over 1,2 or 3 months, or up to 24 months for loans between £500 and £3,000. If your loan is approved before 1pm, then it will usually be paid into your bank account on the next working day.

If you’re looking to borrow a larger amount, perhaps to facilitate the purchase of a new vehicle, holiday or new home then a Transave personal loan might be appropriate. To qualify you need to be a saver with Transave, and the total you can borrow will reflect the amount you have in your savings account. Loans of up to £20,000 are available, with the maximum amount you can borrow based on five times the value of your savings.

Although the success of your application will be based on a consideration of your ability to repay your loan, Transave does not automatically reject your application if you’ve had financial problems in the past. As responsible lenders, we also don’t encourage you to borrow more than you need or realistically afford. A personal loan will usually be paid into your account within two banking days of your loan agreement being signed and agreed.

Saving and loans to help you plan your financial future

Transave’s range of savings and loans make it easier to build financial resilience and face the future with confidence.

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