When it comes to your finances, TransaveUK puts you in the driving seat

Welcome to TransaveUK – the credit union for company employees. We’re here to make sure our members get a fair deal, providing low cost, highly ethical financial services – including savings and loans.

Like all credit unions, TransaveUK is a not-for-profit financial co-operative. We’re 100% owned and controlled by our members and work only in their interests.

So, unlike a bank, we’re not here to make money for outside shareholders. (That’s why, for example, you won’t find any hidden charges or fees on transactions with TransaveUK).

As a member, you can count on TransaveUK to provide:

  • Competitive financial products, including savings accounts and loans
  • A friendly, professional and ethical service
  • A more flexible, personal approach to your finances
  • Access to a non site operator so you can view your account

What’s more, any profits generated are put back into the credit union for the benefit of our members, normally in the form of an annual dividend.

Today, over 200 million people in over 100 countries around the world have taken greater control over their finances by joining a credit union. It’s a financial revolution. And TransaveUK is proud to be part of it.