We all know that saving regularly can make a huge contribution to our financial wellbeing. But if it can also appear a tiny bit tedious at times then the chances are that you’re not setting up enough individual savings goals.

Naming a savings goal with a timescale is a good start and can provide the motivation to save more, so you might not be surprised to hear that on average, it’s been shown that people save up to twice as much when they save towards specific goals.

To help our members to set up savings goals, Transave had introduced a new tool in our mobile app and online banking. Using the Savings Goal tool members will be able to create multiple savings goals and then monitor and progress towards each one with the aid of useful graphics plus automated updates and reminders.

To set up your savings goal you will need to log onto your account through the website or app, be saving regularly with us and have no outstanding loans with Transave.