Budget planning

In this episode we discuss budget planning! Olivia is joined by Jenny Wright - Regional Partnerships Manager for Money & Pensions service; they discuss organising your finances & how to make budgeting cool again! For further information visit www.maps.org.uk.

Members of the public can get free guidance about their money and pensions via:



Understanding your credit score

If you are finding it difficult to access affordable credit, then one reason could be that your credit score is holding you back! In this episode, Olivia chats with Kelli Fielding the Managing Director of Consumer Interactive at TransUnion in the UK. They discuss the misunderstandings around credit scores and TransUnion have even produced a consumer guide about getting to grips with your credit score, read it here: https://www.transunion.co.uk/resources/tu-uk/doc/consumer/resources/tu-uk-consumer-guide-2020.pdf


The dangers of payday lenders

Welcome to the financial well-being masterclass! In the first episode, Olivia chats with Matt Bland the CEO of the Co-operative Credit union about the dangers of pay day lenders. They discuss what is a pay day loan, why they are so popular & what other options there are!

For free and confidential debt advice visit:



What is a credit union?

We have mentioned them in almost every episode so far, but what is a credit union? Olivia chats with Deputy CEO at Transave, Ken Dunn, to explain.

They chat banks vs credit unions, the benefits & how you can start saving today!


Dealing with Debt

In this episode Olivia talks with Andrew Shaw the Debt Advice Policy Officer at Step Change, and they discuss dealing with debt. They discuss what the options are for someone struggling with debt, the next steps and when you should consider going into a debt management plan.