Loans for Health and Social care workers

Even with the most careful financial planning, unexpected and unavoidable costs can throw our budgeting awry. In such instances, it may be tempting to visit a pay-day lender for a quick accessible loan. If these are managed well they can prove to be a lifeline, but the costs involved can soon mount, particularly if you default on a payment.

Are there cheaper alternatives that can help you meet those unexpected costs and get your finances back on track?

Competitive loans from Transave

Transave offers competitive loans to our members. Our loans are ideal for and health and social care workers and can help you manage your finances. Whether you’re looking for an affordable small loan to cover an unexpected bill or a larger amount, our products are accessible and affordable.

Instant loans

As soon as you become a member of Transave you can apply for an Instant loan up to £7,500. These have significantly lower interest charges than you get from payday lenders. You can choose to pay off your loan from 3- 60 months.

Personal loans

Personal loans for larger amounts are also available to savers. You can borrow up to 5 times the amount you hold in your savings account. These savings then act as security on your loan and cannot be withdrawn as long as your loan balance exceeds your savings balance. Your loan can be paid back over a number of years, and we don’t immediately reject applications from people who have had financial problems in the past.

A flexible service for health and social care workers

Our key worker loans are ideal for health and social care workers. Salaries across the sector can be relatively low-paid and unexpected bills do occur. Transave understands the pressures that social care and health workers can face. Our savings and loans can help you manage your finances and build resilience in your budgeting.

Our accessible savings products help you get into a savings habit and can help you secure a loan for larger purchases or for consolidating your lending.

If you’re a health or social care worker why not  join us  today?