More than seven million UK households including 23% of people on low incomes, are missing out on £16 Billion of benefits from the Treasury every year. This is because most benefits aren’t granted automatically; depending on your circumstances and what you’re eligible for, you’ll need to apply to your local council or HMRC and it’s still possible to claim even if you’re working.

Commonly unclaimed benefits include Universal Credit, Housing benefit, Council tax support and Working tax, Child tax, and Pension credit. According to our partners at InBest, 65% of their customers were missing out on an average of £406 per month before using their benefits calculator. So, how do you find out if there are any benefits you could be claiming?

Unfortunately, the benefits landscape is fragmented and confusing to navigate with information spread across different websites, with individual eligibility criteria and application processes.

To help our members, Transave has introduced a free Benefit Calculator: Use the calculator to help you:

  • Understand the entitlement to the following benefits: Universal credits, Pension credits, Child benefits, Council tax reduction and Help to save.
  • Generate the information required in benefits’ application processes.
  • Monitor your benefits entitlement.